2812, 2021

Happy New Year 2022

 Dear CustomersHappy New Year!!!Another year of challenges for all of us is coming to an end. We are very grateful to our clients and our staff; without you we couldn’t have accomplished to achieve everything we did. We wish you and your family happy holidays and a healthy, prosperous new year.A turbulent 2021: not only did we have to deal with the "dual control of energy consumption" policy, but we were again often confronted with the consequences of COVID-19, furthermore, we experienced exchange rate fluctuations and raw material price increases from the supply chain. Fortunately, we managed to get through this by making the right choices and by cooperating well with you.What we unfortunately cannot avoid are potential longer lead times due to the power cuts and uncontrollable factors. Please trust we will do everything we can to keep lead time as short as possible, inventory plan still would be an effective and feasible choice for both sides.For 2022 we expect to be able to run great projects together with you and to continue to provide you with high-quality tungsten carbide parts and service.Please note our factory and office will be closed from Jan. 29th to Feb. 7th for celebrating Chinese New Year [...]

3003, 2020

COVID-19: Diary of an Ordinary Chinese (Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment is included)

30th,Mar.2020The Chinese government announces that there is no new infection case of coronavirus in Wuhan for the first time last week, although it is not the time to cheer up, it does mean a lot to all the Chinese.I barely remember previous “SARS” outbreak since i was in high school back then. But i believe the experience of Covid-19 will be one of the most memorable events in my whole life. That’s the reason why I kept a record of those days and, in the same time, I do hope that my customers, especially those work & life have been effected by Covid-19, can have the faith to fight and win this battle together with us in this special time.Right before the Chinese New year, about 60 days ago, every factories were busy with the finishing up work before our biggest holiday. With no exception, me and my colleagues of our workshop were working overtime in order to catch the shipment before the close off. That’s the moment I heard about the world cornavirus for the first time over a Wechat message sent by my best friend "A Suo", who took her kids to join her husband in Wuhan to celebrate the coming [...]

502, 2020


5th,Feb.2020We are happy to announce that new production line for carbide inserts has been in operation since the beginning of this year. Together with Boyo Alloy, who is focused on tungsten carbide inserts manufacture since 2012, Zhuzhou Miller Cemented Carbide has decided to invest 15 million yuan to  expand further on its production category. This investment includes a 300 liters of spiral spray drying towers, state-of-the-art automatic presses machine, 10MPA HIP sintering furnaces. Equipped with the newest tech technological feature, our factory’s capacity of indexable carbide inserts will be increased by 20%, reaching 2 million pieces/month. WCMT080412 LNMU0303ZER APMT1604PDER What we do to keep the highest quality carbide insertsA. Imported WC powder, ultra-fine spherical Cobalt powder, and other high-purity compounds makes the best possible raw material. The consistency and stability of each batch of powder is ensured by adopting the most advanced mixing and wet milling technology with accurate calculation. B. 300 liters of spiral spray dryer tower enable the powder to have an excellent fluidity, which leads to an uniformed density of the carbide inserts blanks. Our fixed tower dedicated to fixed job ensures no mix up of different the grains size in a [...]

2111, 2019


Was there a moment that you eager to know more about the tungsten carbide rods ?  “Do you have grade information?” That’s the most commonly asked question when you would like to purchase tungsten carbide rods. It can be quite daunting as there are so many grades out there and they all have different features and properties. Are you sure of what you are choosing is the best choice to fulfill your needs and budget? Here at Miller Carbide, we want you to make an informed decision before purchasing with us. That is why we offer you this tungsten carbide rods buying guidance alone with our engineer’s suggestion to help you to make the most suitable buying decision. You can easily get to know well about the tungsten carbide rods by reading this article.1.What’s tungsten carbide rod?It is a round rod made from tungsten carbide material. If you have been following our blog, it should be very easy to understand the concept of carbide products. In our previous article "WHAT IS TUNGSTEN CARBIDE AND WHY IS SO POPULAR ON CUTTING TOOLS AND WEAR PARTS?", we’ve explained the tungsten carbide material in details. If there is anything unclear, feel free to leave a message and we are happy to discuss it with you.2.Types [...]

2609, 2019

6 Facts About Tungsten Carbide Balls and How To Use Them

26th Sep.201901 What is tungsten carbide ballTungsten Carbide Ball: commonly known as tungsten carbide sphere, hard alloy ball, refers to a ball made from WC powder with binders like colbalt, nickel, etc..TC ball is famous for its high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and bending resistance. Therefore, it’s ideal for applications where extreme conditions must be served. 02 Grades of tungsten carbide ballMiller carbide provides two series of different grades for selection depending on the different applications of tungsten carbide balls. In request of more wear-resistance, we suggest to use WC-Co grades. The binder contents between 6% and 25% and grain sizes range from 0.4 to 3 μm. Below table shows the wear resistance as a function of the cobalt content. In most corrosion-wear situations, an optimum choice is the WC-Ni grades, which are resistant down to pH 2 to 3. These grades retain WC as the hard phase and substitute Co for Ni; thus, they exhibit mechanical and thermal properties similar to those of the WC-Co grades.03 Classifications & ApplicationsTungsten carbide balls including carbide balls as sintered and finished carbide balls are classified by the surface finish level. Extremely good wear resistance and dimensional stability make tungsten carbide balls the preferred choice [...]

908, 2019

How to prevent yourself from getting “hurt” from poor quality tungsten carbide materials?

Aug.9th.2019Nowadays, it’s getting more and more difficult to tell the quality of the tungsten carbide products unless being tested. Imported tungsten carbide powder, virgin tungsten carbide powder, recycled tungsten carbide powder, and even TC powders mixed with steel powders, etc. Good quality raw material becomes mixed up with the bad ones. You are “lucky” to find it in early stage if you buy recycled or fake tungsten carbide parts. Some customers get really “hurt” by using those parts made from unqualified raw material due to the waste cost caused by the unnecessary following machining and assembly processes or even the damage of the whole tool/equipment, especially when the part being used is a critical part. Some customers really get“hurt” by using those parts made from unqualified raw material due to the wasted following machining cost or even the damage of the whole tool/equipment especially when the used parts is a critical part.How to prevent yourself from getting “hurt”? Miller will give you some tips about how to identify virgin and recycled tungsten carbide made parts.Density: the density of recycled tungsten carbide parts must be lower than that of the virgin raw material. For example: Grade YG15 with density of 13.90-14.20g/cm3. We can measure [...]

1807, 2019

6 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Choice of Grinding Jars for Planetary ball mill

18th,July.2019The Planetary ball mills are the most popular mills used in fine grinding of soft to hard, tough, brittle and moist materials. The grinding media have considerably high energy, because grinding stock and balls come off the inner wall of the grinding jars and the effective centrifugal force reaches up to 20 times gravitational acceleration. We may get an idea about the work principle of the planetary ball mill as below figure showing: As we can see, In addition to the instrument settings, the grinding jars and media is also of crucial importance for a successful grinding process in planetary ball mills. How should we to choose the right jars and balls ?1, For the classic planetary ball mill, 4 grinding jars or bowls should be selected at least with corresponding number of grinding balls. The number of grinding balls depends on the jar volume used. 2,  Grinding jars material should be the same as the grinding balls. Click here for more detailed information about tungsten carbide grinding jars&balls 3, Generally speaking, the grinding balls should be approximately 3 times larger than the largest sample particle to be ground. 4, Each grinding jar should be filled with 1/3 grinding balls, 1/3 materials to be ground, and the remaining [...]

107, 2019


1st,July.2019  Last week, we have introduced how is tungsten carbide wear parts made? I believe that you must have got an idea about the tungsten carbide manufacturing process. As you might aware, machining is an evitable process for those parts with tight tolerance or surface requirement and the machined carbide parts are always dirty caused by the cooling fluid and grinded scrapes. Do you know how to clean the dirty surface of carbide parts effectively and efficiently?Tips 1 : Choose the right cleaning equipment. Potassium Sodium Tartrate Tetrahydrate:Water = 1:300, soaking the carbide wears parts in the mixed fluid for a few minutes and then rinse off with water in colanders. Always wear protective clothes and glasses while cleaning. Tips 2:Drying the carbide parts right after cleaningPut wet carbide parts on towel; wipe them around carefully and let them dry. Our little secret is to use a shrink wrap gun for a faster drying when necessary.  After cleaning as above instructions, I bet you must get a pretty nice carbide parts.Do you have the experience that your carbide parts were wrapped very thick before hand to FedEx but customer complained for quality issue with a picture showing the broken parts? You're left disappointed and scrambling to [...]

1806, 2019


18th,June.2019  The life of tungsten carbide starts from power – WC power and cobalt or nickel power (most often). The whole tungsten carbide manufacture process as the bellowing picture shows, you can just image the whole process as “rice cooking”, of course , if you don’t know how to cook rice , it’s doesn’t matter, follow us step by step with detailed work flow breakdown : 1 Power Mixing For example , if we need the material of grade K20 , then the listed composition (6.25% Cobalt , 4.25% Tantalum carbide,89.5%tungsten carbide power,4.25% Niobium Carbide ) mixing together with forming agent ( PEG, Paraffin, rubber) in balling machine.2MillingUsually 48hrs , differ from required power size 3 Spray & DryingThe prepared power with good fluidity by this way compared with traditional baking method, the grain shape of tungsten carbide is round pellets which can be well fulfilled in every mould corners. 4 Pressing & Shaping  The prepared mixing power been transit into mould, if the mould designed shape same as desired ones, then no need shaping. If the shape not as desired ones, then we go ahead with shaping by turning or milling 5 Vacuum/HIP sinteringPlace the pressed or [...]

406, 2019


4th,June.2019        Tungsten carbide, it’s been often called as “cemented carbide”, “hard alloy” “widia” “carbide” or “hard metal”. It is a mixture which is generally consisting of 75%-97% tungsten carbide (wc) and 3%-25% cobalt (Co). Physical properties vary depending upon the specific mixture. But when tungsten carbide mentioned as raw material or composition, it is a grey powder(wc). Wikipedia defines tungsten carbide /cemented carbide as below:“It is a hard material used extensively as cutting tool material, as well as other industrial applications. It consists of fine particles of carbide cemented into a composite by a binder metal. It commonly use tungsten carbide(WC), titanium carbide (TiC), or tantalum carbide (TaC) as the aggregate. “We believe most people are familiar with the application of cutting tools( carbide milling and turning inserts , end mills, rotary burrs )  We hope that you can get one more material option for your current wear parts that maybe originally made of high speed steel, stainless still, ceramics, etc. by our introduction of tungsten carbide.Physical propertiesTungsten carbide has been made to cutting tools and wear parts due to its advantages [...]

910, 2018

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