Miller™ Tungsten Carbide Static-dynamic Separator Rings

///Miller™ Tungsten Carbide Static-dynamic Separator Rings
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Project Description


The Static-dynamic Separator Rings is installed in the outlet system of bead mill which included a outer ring and a inner ring as a set .

They are been used to separate the grinding media from the grinding products. Usually the inner diameter of outer ring been designed as a chamfer or a sharp edge.

The normal size

  • for 5-30L bead mill is ( OD 100 X ID 90 X T 10mm /OD 120 X100.8 X4mm)
  • for 50- 60L bead mill is ( OD 115 X ID 105 X 10 / OD 138 XID 115.8 X 4mm).

The characteristics of tungsten carbide

  • high thermal conductivity values
  • low coefficients of thermal expansion

 promote the efficient removal of heat and provide dimensional stability at higher operating temperatures


Static-dynamic Separator Rings
Static-dynamic Separator Rings
Static-dynamic Separator Rings (2)
  • Produce almost any design efficiently and economically
  • Several grade types(nickel-bonded grades that provide superior corrosion resistance
  • Exact tolerances, finishes, and carbide grade that your application demands.


Static-dynamic Separator Rings


NameThe Static-dynamic Separator Rings
Other NameWear rings
MaterialTungsten carbide, hard metal, hard alloy ,Widia,tungsten steel
CompositionTungsten carbide with cobalt or nickel binder
Density12.6 to 14.8 g/cm3 based on different grade
HardnessHRA79 to HRA 91.5 based on different grade
Features,advantagesWear resistant, corrosion resistant, impact resistant , high fracture strength , high hardness
Size rangesOD ≤ 800mm X ID ≤ 700 mm X H ≤ 400mm
FinishAs Sintered / Polished , OEM as request.
ApplicationsAs the key wear part installed in bead mills ,sandmills and other grinding machines that applied in coating industry.
Applications(Use for )The environments required high wear resistance, good toughness, and excellent corrosion resistance.
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