Was there a moment that you eager to know more about the tungsten carbide rods ?

 “Do you have grade information?”

 That’s the most commonly asked question when you would like to purchase tungsten carbide rods.

It can be quite daunting as there are so many grades out there and they all have different features and properties.

 Are you sure of what you are choosing is the best choice to fulfill your needs and budget? Here at Miller Carbide, we want you to make an informed decision before purchasing with us.

That is why we offer you this tungsten carbide rods buying guidance alone with our engineer’s suggestion to help you to make the most suitable buying decision.

You can easily get to know well about the tungsten carbide rods by reading this article.

1.What’s tungsten carbide rod?

It is a round rod made from tungsten carbide material. If you have been following our blog, it should be very easy to understand the concept of carbide products. In our previous article “WHAT IS TUNGSTEN CARBIDE AND WHY IS SO POPULAR ON CUTTING TOOLS AND WEAR PARTS?”, we’ve explained the tungsten carbide material in details. If there is anything unclear, feel free to leave a message and we are happy to discuss it with you.

2.Types of tungsten carbide rods

carbide rods collection

From picture above, the rods named from left to right are: solid carbide rod, carbide rod with axial coolant duct, carbide rod with two parallel coolant duct, carbide rod with 2 twisted coolant ducts, carbide rods with chamfer end and the others are bigger ones with repeat types.

3.How to choose the right grade to fulfill your needs?

I believe that one of the most frequently asked questions when you ask for a quote is “What grade do you need?” Although every supplier’s grade is different, we only need to understand a few principles and then the problem becomes very simple.

3.1 Grain size: This is one of the key factors, which determines the performance of the carbide rod. The grain size of the carbide rod is generally within 0.8μm.. Generally speaking, the smaller the grain size, the higher the compactness as well as the hardness.

3.2 Cobalt content: The cobalt content of common carbide rods is between 6% and 12%. High-cobalt with fine-grain is often used as high-end carbide rod ingredients. For example, what’s often being used in the aerospace industry (MC12U-T) containing cobalt 12%, the grain size is 0.3-0.4, and it has excellent hardness and strength. Of course, the price of such a grade is relatively higher. Grades containing 10% cobalt and 0.6-0.8 grain size are the most commonly used general economic grades.

Generally speaking, the smaller the grain size, the higher the price of the grade. If the grain size is the same, the higher the cobalt content, the higher the price, and vice verse.


Knowing the concepts of grain size and cobalt content, incorporating with the application, we can choose an economical grade accordingly.

MILLER CARBIDE GradeWC(%) Binder Co(%)Grain Size(μm)Density (g/cm 3 )Hardness Rockwell "A"KIC(MNm-3/2)Transverse rupture strength ( kgf/mm² )

4.How to get clear about the unit price when you got a quote on kilo price of tungsten carbide rod ?

Sometimes when you ask for a carbide rod, especially ungrounded carbide rods,, the supplier will quote you a kilogram price(i.e USD55/kg). you may be embarrassed because you don’t know the weight of the carbide bar, so it is not clear about the price of single rod, now let us come to the calculation method of the carbide rod.

tungsten carbide grinding rod

The calculation of a solid carbide rod is: Weight= R*R*π3.14*L*Density/1000000


  What is the weight of the MC10S Φ10*330mm round bar? Let’s calculate it together:

  5.2 (radius) * 5.2 (radius) * 3.14 (π) = 330.5 (length) * 14.4 (density) / 1000000 = 0.440 kg

(Attention: Φ10 of blank rod we generally mean Φ10.3-Φ10.4,The length of carbide rods we generally keep it to 330.5 to 331 long. If you have no idea on the density ,you can get the data  from the offered grade list)


When you get the weight for each rod , then you can calculate the unit price easily:

The unit price of MC10S Φ10*330mm=usd55/kg X0.44kg=24.2/pc


5,how to know the shipping cost and import tax rate of carbide rods ?

The shipping cost can be checked by the forwarder when you have learned how to calculated the weight of tungsten carbide rods .

The tax rate can be checked by we offered HS CODE : 8209.0021 .Even though there will be different from each country , but the first 6 code is the same .Right now, here we offer few website for the import tax rate checking :


How: Go to the above website and enter the first six digits of the Chinese HS CODE in the search box- under TARIFF RESOURCE- Harmonized Tariff information -820900****, the left border of the search results page is detailed HTS CODE, select HTS CODE according to your own product.

“General” in “1” refers to the tariffs (including China) from most of the world’s imported products, and “Special” refers to the import tariffs of countries with relevant FTAs in the United States (often free, but that is not for us to enjoy) of);

“2” refers to the import tariffs of special countries with limited trade (such as North Korea) that have no trade relationship with the United States.

So, we are lng at the tax rate of “General”.

02 European commission (TARIC)

03 Russian


By then , you must know well about the tungsten carbide rod.

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