Miller™ Yttria Stabilized Zirconia(YSZ) Grinding Media

///Miller™ Yttria Stabilized Zirconia(YSZ) Grinding Media
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Project Description


what is Yttria stabilized zirconia grinding media?

Yttria stabilized zirconia beads have a zirconia content of approximately 95%, they are commonly referred to as “95 zirconium” or “pure zirconia beads”. It uses rare earth yttria oxide as a stabilizer and uses high whiteness and high fineness raw materials to ensure ”zero-pollution” to grinded materials.

Yttria stabilized zirconia beads are mainly used in ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials requiring ”zero pollution” and high viscosity and high hardness, such as non-metallic minerals, pesticides, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, titanium dioxide, medical supplies, pigments, dyes, Ink, special chemical industry, etc.


Performance – Miller capability

1, high hardness & strength

a, The raw material is made of 3Y tetragonal crystal phase ultra-fine nano-purple zirconium powder;

b, Advanced rolling and titration molding technology

c, Unique sintering technology.

2, Low wear

a, Our raw materials are made of high-quality zirconium powder imported from Australia. The low impurity content makes the product more resistant to corrosion and wear.

b, The fineness of zirconium powder is also controlled by ultra-fine nano-scale. The density of the zirconium balls produced by this is much higher than that of the zirconium balls made of coarse powder.

3, High roundness

a, The use of advanced rolling and titration molding technology initially guarantees the roundness of the ball.

b, In the screening process, the screening technology with independent intellectual property rights is adopted, and the few shaped balls are eliminated, which completely ensures the high roundness of shipped products.

4, High quality consistency

a, We control the raw materials in the inspection process very strictly, and the parameters such as impurity content, fineness and specific surface area are required to be kept in a relatively constant range.

b, We use a fully automatic controlled natural gas tunnel. Compared with other furnace, this furnace increases the effect of hot air convection to ensure the uniform temperature difference of the furnace interface, and the temperature difference of the same section of the furnace does not exceed 3 degrees.

cylinder grinding media


1, Our yttria stabilized zirconia beads are comparable to the quality of similar world’s advanced similar products, free samples are available for testing.

2, large inventory for usual dimensions.

Spherical balls: Φ0.1-0.4, Φ0.4-0.6, Φ0.6-0.8, Φ0.8-1, Φ l, Φ2, Φ3, Φ5, Φ7, Φ10, Φ12, Φ15, Φ20, Φ55mm.

Cylindrical balls: Φ3×3, Φ5×5, Φ7×7, Φ10 x10, Φ12 x12, Φ15 x15 mm.

3, fast delivery for customized dimension, shipment about 20 days.


NameNano/Micro/High pure zirconia beads
Other NamesYttria stabilized zirconia ball, zirconium oxide beads, zirconia ball, zirconia grinding media,
MaterialYttria stabilized zirconia
Miller GradeZR95
CompositionZrO2: 94.8%, Y2O3:5.2%%
Density6.02 g/cm3
Features,AdvantagesWear resistant, corrosion resistant, heat resistant
Size RangesSpherical balls: Φ0.1-0.4, Φ0.4-0.6, Φ0.6-0.8, Φ0.8-1, Φ l, Φ2, Φ3, Φ5, Φ7, Φ10, Φ12, Φ15, Φ20, Φ55mm Cylindrical balls: Φ3×3, Φ5×5, Φ7×7, Φ10 x10, Φ12 x12, Φ15 x15 mm
Grinding Ball TypesSpherical balls, Cylindrical balls
BrandMiller ™
Precision Ball ClassesG5,G10,G25,G50,G100
Applications(Equipment)For Planetary Ball Mill, Lab Ball Mill, High Energy Ball Mill, Roller Jar Mill, Attritors, Sample Prep Mixer/Mill, Shaker Mill, Mixer Mill, Cryomill, bead mill, bottle mill, sand mill
Applications(Use for )Hard, super hard, abrasive samples, such as hard alloy powder, diamond powder, and silicon carbide powder.

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